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I got into a program that I might actually enjoy! I'm going to be in the proffessional cooking program at SAIT. I will rock it out, and it will be good.

I'm excited.
It's Valentines day...today I guess, and I'm going to be spending it at a bar with a very good friend of mine, not curled up with my sweetie as I should be. Mind you, my sweetie has welding class, and I haven't seen said friend in a looooong time. I guess that it's a good thing then.

I'm going to loose weight dammit. And I'm doing it the right way this time. No complaining, no bitching and no whining, just lost weight. I'm excersizing as often and I can and I'm trying my damndest to eat better. I *am* eating potato chips and dip right now, but it's an allowance I have to occasionally make. No deprivation for me.

It's either going to be psycology or cooking, depending on how things work out in the next few months.

Secretly, I'm hoping for cooking.

Ooh! Helicoptor just went by!
I have a new job. I quit my old one. When your boss is stealing money from you, is constantly having you do work that you aren't supposed to do, that's generally a sign that you might want to go find something else.

So, I'm now a waitress at Humpty's. And I don't know if I'm really going to be there for much longer. It's not very flexable hours wise, and my boss is trying to get me to work shifts that I *can't*. But I've got most of the training down, I can prolly find another job no problem.

The most exciting part of my year all happened in the last little bit.

On Wednesday I went to the Guns 'n' Roses concert. Oh. Mah. Gawd. It was mindblowingly awesome. Axl did all of his classics and a lot of his new material, and his showmanship hasn't changed since the 80's. One would think, a guy going on 45 wouldn't be moving the same way he did when he was 25. But he moved and he sang and he did more than I expected by far. That and the fireworks going off, the fifty foot balls of flames and the confetti shooting at least fifty feet, if not more, into the air during the final song (Paradise City of course. It's...hard to put into words how amazing it was.

Then, yesterday, I went with Tyler, one of his neices (Kylie) and Erika to go see Happy Feet. It was great! Go see it.

Anywho, toodles.
I have Pink Eye! And the Flu! Yaaaaaay!

On the up side, I don't have to go to work until this clears up a lot. On the down side, I look like a freak and I can't open my eyes in the morning. Wheeeeeeee!

Yay vomit and eye guck!


*grumbles* I look like freakin' Quasimodo.
I haven't posted anything substantial in a long time. Mind you, when you're out trying to get the party out of your system before you get back to school, you're normally too tired (or too drunk)* to post stuff.

Life, as it is at the moment, is good. Quiet, kinda methodic, and good. The most exciting thing right now is that we split crews at work. Now I don't have to deal with grumpy Amanda, or sort of grumpy Amanda, or alright but still annoying Amanda, or... well, you get the idea.

Anywho, laterz. I've got to go figure out when my next concert is. (I'm back, it's on the ninth)

*For my school friends, if you don't know, partying isn't a recent thing. I can't honestly say that I know I started before all of you, but I'm pretty sure I did. (I started at the beginning of September 2005 [I think])
So much fun! Fights that nearly happened, guys on stilts, lots of stuff.

I'll try to write more later.
Life's going great, you're getting your shit together, everything is working well, the way it's supposed to.

Then shit hits the fan.

JTHM comics and The Aquabats make me feel better.

Wow, I'm a nerd.

Sorry I haven't updated in so long.
So yesterday, possibly one of the best days of my life, well, after about Noon.

Tyler came and picked me up in his new car, a little red '89 hatchback Honda Civic. Not too bad of a car, especially for a first one. He doesn't have his licence yet, he can start trying for it...tomorrow actually, but yes, that alone was exciting. His mum overreacts a little with his driving, but w/e.

When we got to his house, we went to Humptys for breakfast, woo! Then we came back, and slept off a lot of the food. Then we headed over to Stampede. The first thing we found, of course, was the Slingshot and the Skyscraper. Tyler informed me that I was going to be going on one of the two, no matter what. So I told him to pick one, and I'd go on it (I promised him I'd go on any ride he wanted to go on, rather silly of me). We eventually ended up going on the Slingshot. While we were waiting in line we ran across Amanda, Justin, Pillsbury and Kelsey. Justin and Pills were going on the slingshot ahead of us, We talked for a bit, then watched them go up. Ty and I went into the line and we went our seperate ways. Then it was our turn. The butterflies didn't actually hit until I was on the thing. The Carnies that were running it were having faaaar too much fun with their job. Far to much.

You don't really realize how high you go on that thing until you look down because of the flip it does at the top. When you get up there, when you finally see how high you go, you just go breathless. Then you take a quick breath in so you can scream as you go down.  Then back up again, then down again. It's unbeleiveable. I loved it. If it didn't cost $70 for both of us, I'd go on again as fast as I could. Next year, we're bringing more money, and we're going on both!

Anywho, after that we went in search of more rides. We ended up going on this one where the cars spun in a circle, then went sideways into the air. Then we went on the bumper cars, much fun was had. Then we went on the Twin Flip. Holy crap. I took some convincing to go on that thing, but in the end, so worth it.  There are two huge arms on the thing, with three sets of three cars on the ends. You go on it, it starts spinning you in a circle on the ground. Then the cars move up and go sideways, then further. After that, they start flipping upside down and such. You're completely out of control, and tho I was scared, it was the second best ride I went on.

Tyler ended up winning me a Stewie doll from a throwing game. He also won me a stuffed pig I have dubbed Mr. Bacon at the "Guess your weight" thing. I'm very happy!

We got some of the best lemonaid I've ever had, fudge, cotton candy, a caramel apple, minidoughnuts and some absolutely awful pizza.

We also went to Matt Mayes and El Torpedo, tho they stopped being all that interesting after three songs, so we left. We walked around for a while then ran into Pills and Amanda and them again, only now they also had Chad and his girlfriend. We talked, they left to get drunk, and we left to wander some more. Then we went to watch the fireworks, and found them again. The fireworks were awesome, like, midblowingly awesome. They rocked. And that was the end of my awesome day. It tops yours, no matter what you say.  Ha.
'Twas my first day of work today. I'm a drywall sander. Its hard work, but it's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I've got a pair of blisters in a rather funny place. And don't be perverted about it. Rar.

NowI know it's hard work, I know all that, two basements, a house and a garage, trust me, I know.

I will have money tho. That makes me happy.